Multi-level flyovers in Hyderabad soon

Hyderabad: The multi-level grade separators (flyovers) proposed at five junctions surrounding KBR Park, Jubilee Hills, will be “steel composite constructions”, as they reduce 50 per cent of construction time. However, that entire project will cost 30 per cent more. The GHMC will be inviting global tenders after the MLC elections, probably in the first week of April.
Unlike a flyover on which traffic flows in two directions, multi-level flyovers facilitate simultaneous traffic flow in several directions. In the first phase itself, the five multi-level flyovers will be taken up at a cost of Rs 380 crore.
The Jubilee Hills check-post grade separator will to be the longest and will be built at a cost of Rs 120 crore. Earlier, the GHMC had proposed six separators, but the one from Basavatarakam Indo-American Cancer hospital to KBR Park was cancelled due to non-feasibility. The proposed flyovers at KBR Park Junction, Road Number 45, Jubilee Hills and Filmnagar road junction will have two levels, meaning two flyovers will crisscross each other and traffic will flow in different directions. The flyovers at Jubilee Hills check-post and Maharaja Agrasen Chowk, Road No 12, will have a single level with uni-directional traffic flow.
The GHMC will send the proposal for the “steel composite constructions” to the CM for approval following which tenders will be called. The cost of Rs 380 crore is excluding the land acquisition and it may change based on the work, said sources.
As a part of the ‘Strategic Road Development Programme’ for Greater Hyderabad, 82 km of city roads will be taken up for development on priority basis in phase one, along with the multi-level grade separators.
The road development project would cost Rs 1,605 crore. The aim of the SRDP is to come up with better road facilities that ensure that travelers move without having to halt or being stuck in traffic jams. In the first phase, the GHMC will focus on 10 major roads and junctions in key locations.  As a part of the Strategic Road Development Programme, the selected road stretches would be widened,  said the GHMC authorities. The road development includes improvement of road geometry, intersection improvements, pedestrian side-walks and crossing facilities, traffic signage, marking, traffic signals and utility ducts.

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