Hyderabad set for Showrun

In two days’ time, the sound of a Formula One car will reverberate around Hyderabad for the first time ever.

The stage is set for the Red Bull Showrun which will see Infiniti Red Bull Racing’s mean machine burn rubber on Hyderabadi tarmac.

The Showrun is being organised by the four-time F1 constructors’ champions and will present motor sports enthusiasts and fans a chance to get up close and personal with the car.

Former Formula One star David Coulthard will zip across the road at the Hussainsagar on Sunday in India’s fourth Showrun.

The 13-time Grand Prix winner had in 2009 driven the car down Mumbai’s Sea Link. In 2011, Daniel Ricciardo drove down the iconic Raj Path in New Delhi while the team had earlier set a world record by driving on the world’s highest motorable road, at Khardung-la in Kashmir.

Legendary race engineer Adrian Newey designs the cars for Red Bull. It was his car that had won the title for Red Bull from 2010 to 2013. He has won six other titles with two other teams. It’s the most number of titles for any race engineer, and he’s also the only one to win titles with three different teams.

Newey joined Red Bull in 2006, and he designed the RB2 with a complete engine overhaul. The new car sported a Ferrari V8 engine, replacing the Cosworth TJ2005 V10 which RB1 ran on.

Coulthard, Christian Klien and Robert Doonbos had donned Red Bull colours that season.

The Ferrari engine gave way to a Renault V8 for RB3 in 2007 and this gave Red Bull the fifth place in the 2007 constructor’s championship. Newey made changes to the car design for the 2008 season but the car didn’t produce the desired result. Sebastian Vettel’s arrival in the team in 2009, and the RB5 provided a pre-cursor for Red Bull’s dominance. The German wunderkind’s skilled driving, and the car powered by the Renault RS27 V8 engine, ensured Red Bull ended the season a comfortable second.

Newey stuck to this engine, and the team recorded a four-year title-winning streak.

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